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Agri Search (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2000 and Mrigdhara Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2012 at Nashik. For better yield and sustainable production we manufacture various types of high quality plant nutrition products for all types of crops. The products such as Amino Acids Chelates, EDTA Chelates, Micronutrient Mixture Fertilisers, Organic certified Micronutrients, Organic fertilisers, Organic Acid series, Water Soluble fertilisers, Natural Bio stimulants, Spray Adjuvants, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil and Water Conditioners, Bio fertilisers, Bio fungicides, Bio pesticides and certain Crop Specific fertilisers too, are manufactured by these two companies. The benefits of using all these products in crops, method of use, quantity to be used, mixing ability and important technical information as well as available packing  etc. are being conveyed to you through this booklet / pocket book.

We have been honoured with many awards for good work in agricultural input production. In today's era, we manufacture the products used for organic residue-free farming and also export our products to many countries. ASPL is an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified company. 

We have full trust, you will be able to take quality and exportable production of various crops by using these products in your farm. 

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Happy Farmers Said (Success Story)

Every year, I take Bananas Production as per traditional Practices. But I was not getting good yield and profit inspire of incurring all expenditure This year, I came in contact with shri khairnar of Agri Search Company. I also attended Banana Seminar arranged by Agri search company at Jalgaon in January 2017. Shri Khairnar Properly Guided me for Fertigation. In this I used Mingle Powder,Thiogreen & other Products of Agri Search. This has helped for proper timely flowering & better growth and yield. Hence excessive use of chemical fertilizer is avoided by me. Due this action I could stop use of Fertilizers in excess and also got higher yield and quality

Shri Dilipsingh Umraosingh Rajput Nagad, Aurangabad

I am using Agri Search products every year at my farm for various crops. I feel very proud while appreciating the quality of Mingle Powder. By using Mingle Powder, I found healthy growth and dark greenness of leaves in crop, more thickness in leaves and also large size, due to which there is no attack or very less attack of sucking pests. There is no fruit and flower drop, low natural dropping of fruit & flowers. The crop remains healthy throughout from germination till harvesting. Thiogreen increases root growth and helps in control of soil pH & increases oil content in oil seeds, it also works as fungicide. In todays competitive world I give first preference to Mingle Powder.

Shri Kamlesh Bhaskar Malkar Pimpalgaon, Jalgaon

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