Water Soluble Trace Element Fertilizer Mixture

Mingle contains  all important microelements in partially chelated form. All these micronutrients play an important role in physiological & biochemical processes of the plants.

Benefits :-

  • Mingle is specially formulated as the state of the art technology for delivering micro nutrients with maximum 
  • bio availability, tolerability & safety.
  • Mingle contains micro elements in partially chelated form, helps easy & quick absorption by the crop.
  • Chelating agent used is an amino acid and thus mingle is an organic complex.
  • Mingle is a high performance 100 % water soluble, available as foliar spray liquid & free flow spray dried powder.
  • B & Mo in Mingle are not chelated.
  • Mingle contains Magnesium as buffer to enhance its performance.

Dose :-
Foliar Spray :- Dissolve 2.0 ml to 3.0 ml Mingle in one liter of clean water & spray on the foliage early in the morning or late in the  evening . Dose can be modified taking deficiency of the microelements into consideration.
Soil Application / Fertgation :- Mingle is also available in spray dried powder from which can be used as foliar Spray @ 250 gm / acre in sufficient quantity of water or can be given through drip irrigation @ 1 Kg to 2 Kg/ acre depending upon deficiency and crop for which it is to be used.

Compatibility :-

Mingle is compatible with most insecticides & fungicides. Do not use along with Phosphorous containing compounds.

Packing :-
Mingle  Liquid :- 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr,  5 Ltr, 10 Ltr,  20 Ltr.
Mingle Powder :- 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 Kg,  2 Kg,  5 Kg,  30 Kg.

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