Fe-6% (FeEDDHA)-Chelated Iron Fertilizer

Highly Stable In wide pH Range For Soil Application.
Lohadrip  is a micro granular Iron chelate  & is developed for the correction & prevention of Iron deficiency in a wide range of Agricultural & Horticultural crops  particularly in alkaline and Calcareous  soils. Lohadrip is the 4.8  ortho – ortho isomer which only performs in the soil, particularly in  calcareous soils.

Benefits :-

  • Lohadrip contains 6 % Fe as FeEDDHA & is most powerful isomer for alkaline & calcareous soils.
  • Lohadrip is recommended for fertigation & hydroponics & not for foliar spray.
  • Lohadrip is most ideal Iron fertilizer for Grapes, Citrus, Tomato, Brinjal, Capsicum, Chili, Sugarcane, Pomegranate,  Ber, Banana, & other crops.

Dose :-  

Soil Application/ Fertigation :- 500 gm to 1 Kg  per acre during peak vegetative growth. Dosage can be modified taking plant  tissue analysis into consideration. Repeat if required.

Compatibility :-

Lohadrip is  compatible with almost all fertilizers to be given through fertigation 

Packing :-  500 gm


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