Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2.6H2O

MOHAR is a cr ystalline water soluble solid containing Iron, Nitrogen, Sulphur. MOHAR is used mostly in the soils where, Iron is deficient and the soil is neutral to alkaline in nature.
Composition :-  Iron :- 14 %, Nitrogen :- 7 %, Sulphur :- 8 %

Benefits :-

  • MOHAR  helps to reduce the pH of the soil  increasing availability of nutrients.
  • MOHAR enhances quick & full greening response for Iron when combined with Nitrogen, in lawns, turf grass, vegetables and ornamentals.
  • MOHAR  eliminates  Iron  chlorosis  by enhancing chlorophyll synthesis.
  • MOHAR helps conditioning alkaline soils to allow uptake of immobilized soluble micronutrient salts.
  • MOHAR  generates, greater root growth, improved turf quality and greater recover y from draught, when frequent applications of Mohar is carried out.
  • MOHAR control the growth of moss while improving the growth & color of grass.
  • MOHAR is useful for sugarcane, cotton, citrus, turmeric & ginger and many Iron responding crops.

Dose : 

Soil Application / Fertigation :- 15 Kg/acre during vegetative growth Phase.
Foliar Spray: - 0.5 % (500 gms in 100 Lit of clean water)

Compatibility :- 

MOHAR is compatible with almost all kinds of fertilizers except phosphatic  fertilizers.

Packing :- 
1  Kg  for foliar Spray.
25 Kg for fertigation or soil application.


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