Potash Fertilizers

Passion is a Potassium Schoenite  100 % water soluble fertilizer. Passion contains Potassium, Magnesium and  Sulphur  in balanced proportion. All these elements play very crucial role in plant metabolism, cell generation, energy transfer and photosynthesis. Passion regulates overall har vest from seed germination up to maturity stage.

Benefits :-

  • Passion enhances and strengthens growth of crops. Passion develops natural  resistance in plant to overcome
  • environmental stress.
  • Passion regulates maturity period of crop.
  • Passion helps in for healthy root formation.
  • Passion benefits in improvement of Oil, Protein, Starch and  Sugar in respective Crop.
  • Passion can be applied at  fruit / boll/ pod development stage as per recommendations.

Dose :-    
Soil Application / Fertigation  :-  25 Kg/ acre in split doses.
Foliar Spray :-  5 to 8 grams per Liter of water. 

Compatibility :-  Passion is compatible with almost all water soluble fertilizers & micro nutrients.

Packing :-

1 Kg  (Foliar Spray)

 25 Kg (Soil Application / Fertigation). 

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