Bio Stimulant

HOMAN is a product of high tech concept in Plant Metabolism. HOMAN is a product containing Derivative of Amino Acid L – Cysteine.  5.0 % w/v with folic acid 0.1 % w/v. which promotes  enzymatic activity & stimulates Photosynthesis and uptake of major and micro nutrients. Induces synthesis of Hormones like I.A.A. and gibberellins, which helps in many ways.

Benefits :-

  • Increases flowering
  • Induces fruit setting .
  • Improves an efficiency of pesticide and fungicides.
  • Helps to fight draught resistance.
  • Provides pest resistance.
  • Increases valine and glutamine content thereby increasing plant  
  • resistance to water and temperature stream. Improves germination and growing  cycle of plant.

Seed Treatment :- Seeds dipped in Homan Solution. 2 to 3 ml/ Liter of water for 10-15 minutes before planting.
Root Treatment - 2 to 3 ml/ Lit of Water.
Spraying :- HOMAN can be used for foliar spray in nurseries or directly in field  @ 0.5ml to 1.0 ml/ Liter.

Compatibility :-

HOMAN  is compatible with almost all insecticides, fungicides and plant nutrients except those with alkaline nature.

Packing :- 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml,  1 Lit

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