Calcium Amino Acid Chelate - Ca 10%

Calmino is an innovation in crop nutrition system and it contains Calcium as Ca 10 % with amino acid as natural chelating agent and  is capable of self-mobile  element wherever it is required for cell metabolism, in meristematic tissue zone for generation of new shoots & developing fruits. Calmino gives structural support to cell wall results in crispy, glittering fruit skin.

Benefits :

  • Strengthened cell walls make fruit more crispy and also impart longer shelf life for all vegetables & fruits.
  • Calmino regulates the uptake of nutrients through root system.
  • Calmino helps in root & pollen development.
  • Calmino  plays important role in transport of sugar & amino Acid building metabolites.
  • Calmino application overall results in added nutritive value for human health.
  • Calmino enhances longer shelf life & market appreciation.

Dose :
Foliar Spray :-  Spray Calmino  @ 0.5 gm to 1.0 gm per Liter of water during peak vegetative growth phase after ever y week up to maturity of fruit & suitable  for all  fruit & vegetable crops.

Compatibility :
We recommend Calmino spray along with Boron for better effect, preferably not to be used along with other Agro chemicals and Phosphatic fertilizers.

Packing : 100gm, 250gm, 500gm

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