Nutritional Bio Activator

It is an organic certified product specially developed to grant higher yield and better quality of the produce.

Composition :- 

Acetylthioproline Technical 1% w/w
Soluble Proteins 13.44% w/w
Adjuvants and Diluents 85.96 q.s.
Total 100%


Benefits :-

  • Provides the treated crops with a starter effect on sprouts growth as well as with an improvement of fruit setting.
  • Overcomes physiological disorders, which are difficult to detect but heavily affect final yield.

Dose :-
Foliar Spray :
1. Grapes & fruit Crops :- 250ml/acre in three stages.

  • Before flowering
  • At the end of flowering
  • At color change stage.

2. Banana :- 250 ml /acre

  • Three months after planting.
  • Seven months after planting.
  • On bunches at 50 % maturity.

3. Cotton and Vegetables  :- 100 ml / acre

  • At peak flowering stage.
  • At fruit development stage.

Compatibility :- 
SPROUT is compatible with almost all pesticides and fertilizers commonly used except more with alkaline reaction as which produces alkali after mixing.

Packing :- 100 ml,  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr 

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