Amino Acid and Humic acid based soil conditioner


Ample-g is an Innovative Bio nutrition product based on Hydrolyzed proteins of vegetable origin, enzymes & traces of elements derived from the extract of organic origin sources. Biodegradable environmental friendly and safe product. Can be mixed with conventional fertilisers and Pesticides in soil application. 

Benefits :

  • Enhances yield & quality of the crop.
  • Increased tolerance of crops to biotic and climatic stresses. 
  • Enhances metabolic activities in the plant helping in better germination of seed, profuse root system & better vegetative growth. 
  • Helps in better retention of flowers, better quality fruits with enhanced flavour.

Dose: 8 to 16 kg per acre basal dose (2 to 3 times soil application according to the crop duration)

Compatibility: Can be mixed with any fertiliser for uniform application in the field.

Available Packing: 1 kg, 8 kg Bag, 8 kg Drum, 10 kg bucket, 25 kg bag, 25 kg drum, 50 kg drum

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