Water Conditioner

Ksharada is a Scientific Water Conditioner. The good quality of water is required for application of fertilizers & insecticide for their proper results. Generally water with pH value in between 5.5 – 6.5 used gives better results for all type of foliar & soil applications.

Benefits :-

  • Ksharada is a scientifically prepared buffered conditioner. So it helps in improvement of results of agrochemicals / nutrients applied to the crops.
  • Ksharada enhances the solubility of combinations of more than one ingredient to be used for praying.
  • Ksharada protects the ingredients from precipitating by preventing the formation of insoluble complexes.
  • Ksharada keeps solution stable for a longer period of time.
  • Ksharada also controls the electric conductivity of water by complexing the salts of chlorides which are harmful to the crops.
  • Ksharada is recommended for all type of water like Bore well, Well, River, Natural reservoirs which is used for spraying & drip applications.  

Dose :-
Foliar Spray :-

Water Quality Hardness (mg/liter) Water with free CaCO Ksharada Dose 100 liter Water
Slightly Hard Water 75 to 150 40ml
Hard Water 151 to 200 60ml
Very hard Water 201 to more 100ml

Compatibility :-

Ksharda is compatible with all types of insecticides & fertilizers.

Mix Ksharda first in water and then add chemicals. 

Packing :- 100 ml, 250 ml,  500 ml,  1 Ltr , 5 Ltr 

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