Micronutrient Mixture Fertilizer for Cotton Crop.

ZIB is specially formulated Micronutrient Mixture fertilizer for cotton crop. ZIB  contains Zinc, Iron, Boron with Ligonusulphonate as natural chelating agent  which increases bioavailability and efficiency to a great extent.

Composition :-
Zinc as Zn 5.0w/w Minimum
Iron as Fe 2.5w/w Minimum
Boron as B 0.5w/w Minimum (With LIGNOSULPHONATE as Natural chelating agent)

Benefits :-
Foliar spray of ZIB helps healthy vegetative growth, profuse flowering, increases boll size and weight, increases staple length. ZIB is completely soluble in water having more TDS and complexes free cations  in water used for spraying. Nutrients in ZIB are made available to crops as and  when required. Resistance to pest & diseases ultimately increase in yield & quality of produce.

Dose :-
Foliar Spray :-

5 to 10 ml / Ltr of water.

0.5  to 1 % in clean water. (75 to 150 ml in 15 Liter of Water).
Spray during cooler period  i.e. morning or evening.
Compatibility :-
Do not mix ZIB with  phosphatic  fertilizers & pesticides containing Phosphorous. Mixing of nonionic spray adjuvant recommended.

Packing :- 250 ml,  500 ml, 1 Ltr,  5 Ltr ,  10 Ltr,  20 Ltr.  

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