Potassium Salt of Natural Amino Acids.

K as K2O – 18% Min.
K- mino is designed for foliar feeding  on plants to prevent or correct Potassium deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. K-mino  is water soluble and non toxic to plants when applied as directed. Grapes &  other fruit trees like bananas & vegetables have a high Potassium requirement, for best results, apply K- mino according to recommendations based on plant tissue for  analysis. 


  • K- mino enhances translocation of sugar and starch formation.
  • K-  mino  is also required for opening and closing of leaf stomata.
  • K- mino   strengthens plants and improves plant resistance to drought
    and  diseases.
  • K- mino improves stress tolerance.
  • K-mino improves quality, color, taste, yield, and shelf life of the  produce.
  • K- mino helps to correct Potassium (K) deficiency of plants.

Dose :
Foliar Spray :- 2 to 2.5 ml per liter of water.
Soil Application / Fertigation :-  1 to 2 Liter per acre.

Compatibility :
K-mino is compatible with almost all kinds of fertilizers except Iron &  Copper Sulfate . 

Packing : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Lit, 5Lit

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