Protein Rich Organic Manure

Soils in most of the part of India are deficient in organic matter and key nutrients, resulting in low yield of the crop. Organic manure improves soil health and crop production, Agri Search has developed protein rich organic manure Origino based on mushroom compost. It is enriched to nourish the useful micro-organisms in the soil and increase the fertility of the soil. Origino Organic manure provides all the nutrients needed by plants in balanced quantity.

Benefits :
Origino enhances soil fertility and microbial potential by helping to maintain the carbon:nitrogen ratio in the soil. Origino Organic Compost improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. Origino increases the water holding capacity of the soil. Due to the increase in biological activity, the nutrients in soil are made available to the plants, Origino also acts like mulch in the soil and slows evaporation. 

Composition of Nutrients in Origino Organic Manure :
Total Organic Carbon Minimum (By Weight) – 14%
Total Nitrogen Minimum (By Weight) –  0.5 %
Total Phosphorus Minimum (By Weight) –  0.5%
Total Potash Minimum (by weight) –  0.5%
C:N Ratio (by weight) –  <20
Total NPK Nutrient Minimum (by Weight) –  > 3 %

Method of use and quantity: In different crops 1 to 2 tons per acre should be mixed in the soil before sowing or transplanting. For the fruit tree 5 to 20 kg per tree per year depending on the age and spacing.
Compatibility: Can be mixed with all types of organic and chemical fertilisers
Available Packing: 1 kg, 40 kg (HDPE Bag)

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