Pure Mineral Oil Micro Emulsion

MEENORA is a new generation high efficiency agricultural spray additive which promotes super spreading and absorption of spray active for management of pest & diseases of crops. MEENORA is a specialty additive which is friendly towards environment with no harmful effect on beneficial insects & organisms. MEENORA is a specialty additive that has the benefits of high purity agricultural pyrene additives with specialty surfactant.

Benefits :

  • MEENORA helps in superior wetting and coverage of spray solution on the target crops.
  • MEENORA improves the bio efficacy of insecticides & fungicides against pest & diseases.
  • MEENORA is a highly stable & superior emulsion which enables uniform spreading & reduces the pesticide spots on the crops.
  • MEENORA isolates & inhibits the growth of infectious spores by forming a thin oil coating over leaf/plant surface.
  • MEENORA helps in Increasing the droplet adhesion, penetration and coverage.
  • MEENORA accelerates breaking of dormancy in few orchard crop like apple, pear etc.

DOSE: For Orchard Crops - Alone & In-combination - 5ml/Litre of Water. For Field Crops / Vegetables - Alone - 3ml/Litre of Water & In-combination - 1-1.5ml/Litre of Water.
Compatibility: Can be mixed with all types of fertilisers and pesticides.
Caution: Use Meenora when the temperature is less than 350 C . avoid use during the flowering stage of the crop.
Available Packing: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre

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