Soluble Carbon Rich Organic Acid

AgriPlex- OA is All-In-One organic alternative to reclaim high pH soils and irrigation water. AgriPlex- OA is an organic acid derived from Lignin, a natural and renewable raw material.
AgriPlex-OA is a new and safe organic acid. Safe to ecosystem, safe to handle. AgriPlex-OA is classified as non corrosive, contains only NOP and OMRI listed ingredients, hence allowed to use in organic farming. AgriPlex-OA is not dangerous if ingested or inhaled.

Benefits :  

  • Lowering pH of irrigation water. Minimises scale formation in drip irrigation lines. 
  • Stabilized soil pH serves as the source of nutrients to the crop and soil microbes. 
  • Helps free up bonded / unavailable nutrients in alkaline soils and increases cation exchange capacity of soil. 
  • Increases organic matter of soil thus improves water penetration in soil. 
  • By pre treating irrigation water with AgriPlex-OA, carbonates and bicarbonates are converted into soluble lignosulphonate salts. 
  • AgriPlex-OA is unique organic acid which improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. 

Dose :
Apply AgriPlex-OA @ 2-3 litres per acre dissolved in sufficient quantity of water. This should be applied either through drip irrigation system or by drenching. If the pH of water and soil is high, repeat the application as and when required. Fertigate your crop immediately after above application. 

Compatibility: Do not use Agriplex-OA with any other chemical acid. Agriplex-OA is mixable with any fertiliser.

Available Packing: 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre

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