Bio Active Silicon

Sil-Wall is a specially manufactured bio active silicon. It is the complex form of silica that upon dilution in water forms stabilized monosilicic acid/orthosilicic acid Si(OH)4 which is the only available form to the plants. Primary effects: Deposits silicon directly into the outer layer of the cell wall creating rigid barrier and more strong structure of plant. It pressurises plant cell sap to allow better and even flow of nutrients throughout the plant system. It triggers the production of immunity compounds rebuild and strengthen plant tissue.

Benefits: Improves the plant cell development and increase leaf and stem thickness. Improve vigor and greenness by balancing uptake of other elements. Give tissue recovery from frost or other such injury. Maintains cell integrity and plants strength giving increased fruit size and weight. Protection against biotic and abiotic stresses. Reduce lodging. Influence the development of roots and help fast growth. Can be used in all type of production system. Improve colours, luster and shelf life of produce. Unlike other Silicon nutrients and fertilisers Sill-Wall is stable and safe to crops at recommended doses. 

Dose : Dissolve 200 gm of Sil-Wall in 200 Litres in clean water for foliar spray.

Compatibility: Sil-Wall is compatible with almost all commonly used fertilisers.

Available Packing: 200 gm

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