Multi Action Bio Polymer

Helmet: A multi-action Bio Polymer for producing export quality farm produce. Helmet is a Bio Polymer which forms the thin layer on plant body. Helps for protection of fruits, flowers & leaves from harmful rays which in turn help as anti-sunburn.

Benefits :

  • Helmet increases water retention capacity of leaves and fruits.
  • Helmet helps to reduce transpiration losses through leaves.
  • Helmet when sprayed helps the crop to manage biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Helmet imparts luster to fruits and flowers which helps to increase quality, shining and market value. 
  • Helmet acts as catalyst in natural color development of flowers and fruits.

Dose: Use Helmet @3 ml per litre of water for spray.

Compatibility: Helmet can be given with all kinds of fertilisers and chemicals 

Available Packing: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre 

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