Super Potassium Humate 95% (Crystalline)

LEONAR is the organic nutrition for all the crops. LEONAR contains pottassium humate 95%, it is 100% water soluble & can be used for fertigation through drip irrigation/drenching & for foliar spray.

Benefits : Effects On Soil

  • Soil detoxification: LEONAR enables toxic residues to be isolated & removed from the soil.
  • Sodium management: Damage from high sodium water can be considerably restricted by adding 250g of LEONAR per acre with each irrigation.
  • pH buffering: LEONAR can neutralize the negative effects of pH extremes, which have a profound effect on nutrient availability.
  • Hormonal stimulation: LEONAR contains an auxin like growth hormones, which can enhance cell division & cell elongation.
  • Root zone chelation: When LEONAR is applied to the root zone, becomes root zone facilitator, chelating applied nutrients & those already existing in the soil.
  • Effects Of Seed Treatment And Spraying: Better germination. Better root & shoot growth Increased absorption of major & micronutrients. 

DOSE: For spraying 1 g per litre of water.
Soil application: 250g per acre through drip irrigation/drenching.
Compatibility: LEONAR can be mixed with pesticides, fungicides & fertilisers also.
Available Packing: 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg

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